Where To Buy Self Portrait Dresses

Self Portrait was Launched by Han Chong in Autumn 2013 , the Central St Martins alumnus has struck a beautiful balance between femininity and edge with his collections over the years. Known for his guipure Self Portrait dresses and lacey separates mixed in with detailed embroidery and sheer overlays.

Since its launch four years ago, Self-Portrait has become a go-to for feminine, flattering and modern occasionwear at an affordable price. Few could honestly say they’re immune to the brand’s pretty guipure lace designs and relatively affordable price points - such is the label’s broad appeal that its customers are aged between 18 and 50.

Go to any wedding this year and someone will be wearing a Self-Portrait dress. Although it’s likely to be its best-selling Azaelea dress (strappy, midi-length and very flattering), it might also be its floor-length Mix dress as worn by the Duchess of Cambridge or even the Nightshade dress look seen on Meghan Markle when she had Christmas lunch with the Queen. Self-portrait is the dress that you can wear to professional outings like business meetings, family weddings, conferences, or any other classy speaking events. You can dress in your very own style while making a strong, classy impression.

Self Portrait Azaelea Dress White

Where to buy self portrait dresses? I bought Self Portrait dress and a jacket from www.selfoutlets.com- a self portrait sale online store. They don’t have a separate store but sell on online and certain other department stores. I don’t think it would be fair to comment on the sample sale experience as the Self Portrait store experience. Of course if you buy their clothing from Self Portrait Dress Sale online store it will be similar to any other item you purchase from Selfridges.

Self Portrait Nightshade Midi Dress

A Self-Portrait dress is usually about £250 to £500 bucks each. That’s quite a bit! This is pretty much the only ‘occasion’ dress I own and will probably be wearing this to every wedding needs to wear something decent to. The price I paid is definitely worth the dress. And you can buy the Self Portrait dresses sale from here.

There is no doubt about the quality. The quality of these Self Portrait dresses is top notch. You know the material is of a good quality – it’s very heavy, the pleats in the skirt are perfect and the lace is of fantastic quality. However, seeing the quality I can take a guess that this is the kind of dress you keep for a long time. You take it out and wear to every fancy occasion you get an invite to. This is exactly what I wanted and intent to do.


So Will I Buy Again?

Well, honestly, yes, I might. If I need another fancy dress I will probably look at the same brand. I also think for up to about £200-250 their dresses are great value. But above that is when I start questioning the value. If I find the Self Portrait dresses  I would definitely like to pick one up.